You Will Never Throw Away Grass Clippings again

Grass clippings aren’t going away if you have a lawn. There is so much more you can do with grass-clippings than just throwing them in the garbage. Here are some ideas for you to try in your garden to put that grass to some good use.

1. Compost

Add fresh grass clippings to the compost. Collect the grass clippings left after you mow your lawn. Add the clippings in thin layers to the compost so that it doesn’t clump up into big chunks.

  • Make sure that your grass clippings are fresh because dried grass clippings will add carbon to the compost.

2. Lawn-Clipping-Tea

Liquid organic fertilizers are seemingly more popular year on year in the store, but you can make your own liquid plant feed at home. To brew a lawn-clipping tea, place your freshly cut-grass in a bucket of water and allow to steep. Beneficial nutrients like potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, chlorophyll and amino-acids will leech from the grass into the water. After 4-days or so, strain off the liquid and use it to feed your plants by pouring onto the roots or spraying on the leaves.

3. Leave them on the Lawn

Leave grass clippings on your lawn and they will save up to 25%  consumption of lawn fertilizers. But only leave grass clippings on the lawn if they are short, shorter clippings break down fast. Some lawn mowers are equipped with ‘mulching mode’ use this to cut grasses into very small fragments without picking them up.
you’ll need to mow regularly with a mower equipped with mulching function since this technique is not suitable for tall grasses.

4. Mulch

Moisture is always an issue when it comes to Container-Gardening. Containers need a lot of Watering. Add a thick layer of grass clippings on top of your potting soil to hold in extra moisture. Grass-clippings either fresh or dried, make an excellent organic mulch which contains high amounts of nitrogen, something all plants need to grow and flourish.

5. Recycling Center

If you’re producing more grass clippings than you can use, then the best option is to take your unwanted clippings to your local recycling center who will dispose of them in a green and clean manner.